Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Look Stunning in Your Wedding Snapshots!

On your wedding day, it is common to have many cameras going after you for pictures. It would be quite stressful as you will have to smile for every camera and the most important thing you would want to do is to look good in all the snapshots. Well, how do you make sure the shots taken will do you justice?

Practice makes perfect! This is not a lie. It is true that rehearsing will hone your photo-posing skills. Stand in front of the mirror and smile. Determine the best smile for you, whether you would like to show a tiny bit of your teeth, flash them widely, or just a sweet smile. A natural laugh would be the best as it looks the most natural. But then again, you will have to bear in mind that laughing requires much energy and doing it the whole day will make your mouth sore. Prepare a few types of smiles if you want some variation in your pictures.

Try posing and see which angle flatters you the most. Avoid facing the camera straight on because it will make you look fat, unless you are really thin. Hold your groom close or tuck your hands into his to create a slimmer effect.  Do not shoot from below the eye/face level as it enhances the double chin. Always take from a higher angle.

Don’t try to act or be anything but yourself. Being self-conscious will not help as it will show in your photographs. We are often our worst critic so relax. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Even if you want flattering photos, you will still have to make sure the one in the picture is you. Capturing the moment when you are the happiest and sweetest is the best picture of all.

Avoid the scorching hot sun as it will do no justice to your photographs. Natural lighting is good but make sure that is not too bright or too dark as it will damage your photo.  The sun will not only spoil your photo but it will make you sweaty and sticky too, causing you discomfort. Lightings that are too dark require the photographer to use flash. If your face is oily, it will show in your pictures. Therefore it is not advisable to use flash for pictures unless you want to create an artsy effect.  

Wedding pictures are memories therefore it is best to put more effort into creating the best! The most important point in creating wonderful pictures is to be yourself and enjoy the moment! Happy snapping!

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